Profile A

Profile Z

TEA(Çay/tea) Level


Street Cat

Home Cat

Forrest/Everest Person

Garden/Picnic Person







Asymetric/Matrix Thinker

Symetric/Ordered Thinker

KIND-Knowledge, Innovative, Niche, Digital

CIND-Career, Income,



Open Mind

Tactical Mind/Politic

Organizations & People Balances
Social/Brother & Business Balance
Amateur & Professional Balance
Strategy & Operation Balance
Leadership & Management Balance
Product & Sales Balance

EXPLANATION - Business Life Profiles

  • Please see the book by bestseller book "Economic Hitman" / by John Perkins's book about his experiences in Amazon "Touching the Jaguar" is book about Transforming Fear and wrong religionic beliefs into Action to Change Your Life and the World
  • Historically, the amateur was considered to be the ideal balance between pure intent, open mind, and the interest or passion for a subject. (Wikipedia)
  • Business Life Profile Matrix shows in general people in which side as their role/mission can fit them
  • Everyone must understand of each other roles so no need to be disappointed
  • Everyone should respect to other
  • I saw many good strategy makers who present their strategies for a specific subject perfectly … But same person was unexpectedly stupid during the operation such as replying a basic email.