Smartera is a new generation software company that develops business applications that companies will need in the new digital age and produces different and smart solutions to problems than ever before. We are a team that seeks to develop solutions that will add value to our customers by using the latest software technologies, which we have gained for many years in business applications and look at business problems in an innovative way.

  On our way to develop innovative SaaS solutions that will contribute to the productivity of businesses using cloud computing technologies, we produce scalable, flexible and extremely enjoyable software that can be accessed quickly and at low costs thanks to our technological infrastructure that we have developed in full compliance with its principles. We have different software solutions for your businesses: *** Smarty 360 - Dealer Management System & B2B - You can manage and report all processes related to your dealers (stock management, cost and profitability management, purchasing and sales management, collection and payment tracking) from a single platform. *** SmartyFIN - Credit Accounts Management System - It was born as a result of 15 years of experiences of our team that has been providing consultancy and project management services to the Consumer Finance sector. It was developed according to the dynamics of the Consumer Finance and Leasing industry by using the latest software technologies. *** SmartyCUBE - Data Analysis & Reporting Tool –SmartyCUBE is a flexible and extremely fast data analysis and reporting tool that offers you a platform where you can visualize your large amount of data very quickly and present the information you need in seconds. *** SmartyDESK – Instant Messaging & Process Tracking Platform – SmartyDESK is an instant correspondence / in-house messaging system that enables the team that provides support to users regarding a business process.