About Our CPM System

What is LivaBudget?

LivaBudget is the CPM System that ready-to-use from the moment it was installed with big know-how for most sectors. You will be able to generate Solo and Consolidated budgets in accordance with COA, IFRS, GAAP etc standards. With our solutions; run your budgeting process faster, more accurate, and all departments will be involved into the budget process, so that will help in expanding the budgeting culture of your company.

While managers look at the big picture of the company, they want to evaluate the factors that make up the budget and have the flexibility to analyze. LivaBudget gives you the opportunity to see and analyze the data of previous years, compare scenarios and easily analyze the factors on budget, that will help you to make predictions for the future and decisions that affect productivity.

Once you have prepared your first draft budget, copy it, change the parameters and data that you want, now the management and financial reports of prepared scenarios are ready to analyze and compare. No technical needs are required to do any of these operations.

LivaBudget has a flexible structure for the budgeting modules. It is easy and fast to implemet and customize your CPM System, depending on your company's specific needs. You can adjust, change or add new features to your budget without developing or consulting needs. You have the ability to budget and control up to the most detailed level, such as group companies, business areas, Sale Channels, Customers, Countries, Products, Groups of Product, Production Lines, Cost Centers, Accounts, etc.

With the Integration feature of LivaBudget; there will be bi-directional data flow with your ERP, CRM, etc system. Well integration with third-party system increases your data Accuracy. Because all data are imported from The basic system so there will be no possibility of data errors. Also Instead of entering data manually or referencing numerous other sources, using mapping tables for integrations helps you to import data from multiple sources for creating accurate budgets and forecasts.

Our Values in Our Features

LivaBudget Features


All modules of LivaBudget are well integrated with each other which increasing the efficiency and accuracy of budgeting process.


Since 2006, LivaBudget has been continuously developing according to the needs of companies from different sectors and the evolution of technology.


Livabudget provides you with a variety of management and financial reports that will support you to make the right decisions.


The interactive budget increases collaboration between departments, which affects performance in budget processes.