Credit Accounts Management

SmartyFIN - Credit Accounts Management System - It was born as a result of 15 years of experiences of our team that has been providing consultancy and project management services to the Consumer Finance sector. It was developed according to the dynamics of the Consumer Finance and Leasing industry by using the latest software technologies. turkey turkiye istanbul

Mobile Engagment

mobile churn retention loyalty campaign crm turkey turkiye istanbul

Corporate Dealer-Distributor\Channel Management

turkey turkiye istanbul Fintech, Online Payment, Banktech Consoludation, SaaS open banking erp Smarty360 is a highly flexible and comprehensive commercial business application serving over the cloud. If you are into trading, you will find almost every function you will need in smarty360. Here are some features of Smarty360 that will make your job easier; Product management by serial number Following the expiry dates of the products Price list management Order, waybill and sales invoice E-invoice, e-archive and e-dispatch Simultaneous management of multiple branches and multiple warehouses No installation, no management hassle, upload your products and stocks and start using them right away. Your business activities are always under control with our smart reporting tool Efficient warehouse operations with the use of hand terminals However, smarty360 is a little more than a commercial business application. Smarty360 also has a data architecture where dealers can work together. In other words, by using smarty360, you will be able to manage the entire operation of your own company and integrate with your dealers and suppliers in the same network.

Corporate Messaging Ticketing

turkey turkiye istanbul , Online , Consoludation, SaaS SmartyDESK is an online correspondence and process tracking platform developed for a fast, efficient and effective help desk service. SmartyDESK manages the help process with instant messaging between the user and the administrator. With smartyDESK, you can maximize the efficiency of help desks and user satisfaction without the need for a different system or correspondence platform. smartyDESK is also an in-house correspondence platform. When business-related issues are discussed on whatsapp or similar platforms, it is not possible to return them to corporate information. Also, correspondence does not get lost among thousands of e-mails. All correspondence as organized and editable data is transformed into corporate information.

Mobile Payment

turkey turkiye istanbul Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) is the ultimate payment solution for any mobile subscriber. While shopping online for digital products, it eliminates the hassle of entering 👉 Credit Card information 👉 Additional Credential Information 👉 Authentication Codes Start Easy, Pay Easy, Buy Easy. Enable Direct Carrier Billing today. Operator Based Billing Solutions for Digital Services Direct carrier billing, also known as direct operator billing, is a mobile payment method that is an alternative to paying by a credit or debit card. Direct carrier billing is an attractive method of payment in many situations, because it can be targeted towards any user that has an active mobile subscription. The biggest question app developers are facing today is how to get paid for their apps and content. They face two challenges in particular: (1) how to make purchasing on mobile easy enough so that people will decide to buy their app and in-app content, and (2) how to enable people to make payments in markets where not everyone has a credit card. The answer is direct carrier billing. Telenity Direct Carrier Billing solution allows people to buy digital content by adding the cost of a purchase directly to their mobile bill. Benefits Charge subscribers directly without the hassle of entering credit card information, additional credential checks and authentication while making purchases from global app store partners Prevent fraudulent purchasing and charging activities Centrally manage billing and charging capabilities, business models and third party relationships with global app store partners Control over mobile application purchases with direct and easy charging to subscriber accounts Collaboration with global over-the-top players from a centralized location for all operator companies Enhanced fraud detection and prevention capabilities with purchase and charge quotas to protect both the subscribers and the global app stores Ability to faster push business and service strategies to all operator companies from a central location Business and cost efficiency resulting from centralized operations Managed Services with flexible Business Model You can enjoy the benefits of Telenity DCB as a Managed Services as well. Our Enkudo solution bundles the feature rich DSP platform with a diverse portfolio of digital services. We cover the deployment, integration, and operations aspects on a revenue sharing model. No upfront investment for the operator and upside revenue potential for the content providers make it a win-win alternative for all stakeholders.

CPM System

About Our CPM System MENA jordan arab gulf What is LivaBudget? LivaBudget is the CPM System that ready-to-use from the moment it was installed with big know-how for most sectors. You will be able to generate Solo and Consolidated budgets in accordance with COA, IFRS, GAAP etc standards. With our solutions; run your budgeting process faster, more accurate, and all departments will be involved into the budget process, so that will help in expanding the budgeting culture of your company. While managers look at the big picture of the company, they want to evaluate the factors that make up the budget and have the flexibility to analyze. LivaBudget gives you the opportunity to see and analyze the data of previous years, compare scenarios and easily analyze the factors on budget, that will help you to make predictions for the future and decisions that affect productivity. Once you have prepared your first draft budget, copy it, change the parameters and data that you want, now the management and financial reports of prepared scenarios are ready to analyze and compare. No technical needs are required to do any of these operations. LivaBudget has a flexible structure for the budgeting modules. It is easy and fast to implemet and customize your CPM System, depending on your company's specific needs. You can adjust, change or add new features to your budget without developing or consulting needs. You have the ability to budget and control up to the most detailed level, such as group companies, business areas, Sale Channels, Customers, Countries, Products, Groups of Product, Production Lines, Cost Centers, Accounts, etc. With the Integration feature of LivaBudget; there will be bi-directional data flow with your ERP, CRM, etc system. Well integration with third-party system increases your data Accuracy. Because all data are imported from The basic system so there will be no possibility of data errors. Also Instead of entering data manually or referencing numerous other sources, using mapping tables for integrations helps you to import data from multiple sources for creating accurate budgets and forecasts. turkey turkiye istanbul

Credi Risk Monitoring

turkey turkiye istanbul Crede Consulting & Data Services is an analytics company providing services in marketing, risk and process management. Our specialty is increasing shareholder value through business analytics. Crede has services in: - Customer acquisition - Risk assessment, early warning and scorecard development - Product propensity analysis - Collections optimization by its in-house developed software. Crede provides customer database and analytical solutions for B2B sales and marketing processes. Crede aims to optimize sales and risk assessment effectiveness by targeted marketing and collecting valuable insight from digital sources. Crede Data Services continuously updates 2 million company records and filters them for customized needs in niche markets without missing any potential candidate.